Confession: I am NOT a great housekeeper. I know this is totally shocking to anyone who has ever met and/or lived with me. ; ) All I’m saying is cleaning is boring and I don’t enjoy it even one tiny little bit.

However, I do enjoy the outcome of a clean, orderly space. So every so often I have to suck it up and clean and organize. Being as I am the only one making the mess I am also the only one who can be expected to clean it. Jeesh. What the heck.

Recently I have been doing a complete and total overhaul of my apartment. It was not only cluttered but also totally disorganized which then made it very difficult to do anything fun in the house because there was not only no good space to spread out but I had to dig all over to find things.

I have come to terms with being a “relaxed” housekeeper and don’t mind it. I kinda like a certain amount of stuff out because it makes me feel like I’m more connected to the space and like I really live here (which, obviously, I do!). I mean, have you ever been to someone’s house and they just don’t have anything there? Like there’s a couch and a tv but nothing else around the living room? Or there’s nothing on the counters? Maybe I’m just too attached to all my stuff but I like to have stuff to DO at home! (There’s the Occupational Therapist coming out. We love DOING things! It’s how you get better!)

Anyway, I recently discovered some cool things to help organize myself. First: adhesive, vinyl chalkboard. Second: chalkboard paint pen!

I didn’t want to stick it to my walls for fear it would damage but I had an old frame with a cardboard backing. Used some command strips to tack it down (so I can move it if need be) to the cardboard and stuck in the frame! Now it’s hanging by my front door as a reminder board. The pen is nice mainly because I really don’t like touching chalk. Plus it doesn’t smear as much. Downside is that it is not as easily removed. However, per some online suggestions I used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and it works like a charm. I also put some up on one of my kitchen cupboard doors so I can write down grocery items I need while I am in the kitchen thinking about them. The cupboards are that delightful 80s/early 90s white laminate/wood trim special so I feel that chalkboard actually enhances the appearance. And so far it seems like it’ll remove easily when I eventuallly take it down/move out.

It’s a simple thing but very nice to write down reminders to myself.

I’m working on getting more pics; I tried using my computer camera but it’s crap and hard to maneuver and I can’t find my camera cord (classic!) but I will edit the pics in!


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