My kitchen got a little bit prettier and a little bit more functional this last week.

See, after moving out on my own last year I suddenly realized how great a mixer is. Like, making cookies in a bowl with a wooden spoon is a giant pain. I remember my mom making cookies when I was a kid and almost always refrigerating the dough before we made them. I hadn’t ever thought about this but after making them myself a couple times with just a spoon it dawned on me it was because to get the butter soft enough to cream with sugar it was then too soft to make a non-spready cookie!

She had an old school Sunbeam mixer for a while (which was quite respectable, don’t get me wrong) but then found a Kitchen Aid stand mixer at a garage sale for like $100 (I think when I was in college already). And so for years I have been using her Kitchen Aid. Then I moved out and damn if she wasn’t about to let me take the mixer! I know (I do have several pieces of her old furniture, though, so I suppose it’s reasonable).

I finally decided that I was going to buy myself one. Did a little research, found the cheapest price (Kitchen Kaboodle!), and bought myself a lovely mixer. I was amazed at the array of colors available! Being a bit of a vintage stuff junky I was totally taken by the mint green. I decided it’s not only cute but subtle enough that I won’t get tired of it in 10 minutes. My mom dubbed it “international harvester green” after a truck she and my dad had when they were first together. Apparently it was a minty green.

After quite a bit of work I finally got a pic in here (camera cord still MIA). Tried to do pinterest but it just copied the code and then was a jumble of words vs an image. Not really what I was going for. SO, thanks to google image and whimsigirl.blogspot I found an image.

And, in the grand tradition of my family, I have named her Bertha. Because that is what we always name appliances, trucks, etc. My dad’s plumbing vans were always Bertha, my mom’s kid/hay bale/pallet-carrying vans were always Bertha, and since my new mixer is indeed, a workhorse, I think she should be as well.

I haven’t actually made anything yet as I’ve been too tired this week after work and then today it’s too hot to bake but soon, Bertha, soon…


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