All the ramblings in my head

Been feeling a bit itchy lately to delve back into this space. Just read back over some old entries and wasn’t even humiliated by them! Unlike that masterpiece blog I had in college which was mostly vague-post references to unrequited crushes. It is to be hoped that blogger has since taken back that space. Lol

Woosh. It has been one hell of a year. It started out pretty good with a trip to dear friends in HI and the delights of a new relationship…Then my body decided to hate gluten without telling me first. Welcome to Celiac Disease! The results of that put me pretty out of commision for months. I am finally close to back to normal and it is so good. I admit that even as someone who works in healthcare and interacts with sick people every day I had NO IDEA how much an autoimmune disease could affect one’s function. Or how hard it is to get proper medical care/attention even when you have good insurance. I mean, I knew conceptually but this really put a whole new spin on things.

So having weathered that storm with the help of family and the man-friend (who bless him didn’t run when I started having to sleep like all day…and couldn’t even get off my mom’s couch for days on end!) and friends I am so looking forward to finishing this year strong. Funny how I am back to the same sort of “get things GOING” place that I was when I first started this blog 3 years ago. Coming off a slightly different issue but here’s to getting back to doing the things I love to do!

In that vein…I have been on a sewing mission. Finished a cozy knit dress and a knit wrap top (that one needs some modifications) and have several other projects in the wings (next up is a McCall’s faux wrap dress). I am currently basically wanting to wear everything secret pajamas so all about the knits! I finally bought Victory Patterns’ Lola which I have wanted for ages and for some reason denied myself and also bought Paprika Patterns Jasper sweater. Told you: secret pjs ALL THE WAY! (Oh dear…this reminds me I also have to get around to making non-secret pjs…) I have also fallen hard for Closet Case Files’ new Clare coat pattern which is currently on it’s way to my hot little hands. So lots to work on. Hard to stop myself from planning to do all the sewing at once!

I am also diving headlong into beefing up my cooking/baking skills. Now that I can’t do gluten the biggest challenge is bread. Other baked goods are pretty easy for modification but good sandwich bread? Whole other story. THANK GOD I found Gluten Free Girl. Actually she has been such a welcome spot of gluten-free support through her blog and her boooks since I first got diagnosed. I felt like “ohhh…it’s gonna be ok! I am gonna feel better again!” And long story short her sandwich bread is freaking amazing and I finally don’t want to cry while eating my sandwich because the bread is gooey or sandy or some terrible combo of those two things. #celiacproblems Plus it is easy. More a batter than dough which makes the prep way easier and faster. Oh god I love that bread. #breadfangirl

So that’s the stream going on in my head at the moment. I don’t write enough these days; time to change that! Here’s to getting back into the blog and busting these thoughts into the world. More on sewing, crafting, gluten-free-ing, and thinking to come.


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