Zipping! (And apologies for neglecting the project blog)

Ah, dear. It has been an embarrassingly long time since I posted in here. I think I shall make a schedule to keep myself more on track.

But, I have been doing things in my absence! And this week I am on vacation (one of the best words in the English language) so I can catch up a bit. Also, have unearthed my camera fire-wire so pictures will be making an appearance as well.

To start my vacation I went out to an adventure park out in Gaston, OR, called Tree to Tree Adventure ( I went with a group of friends and it was really fun! Basically, it’s an aerial obstacle course and zipline park. I had read about this before but never been so when the Badgers (yes, we do call ourselves that) proposed an adventure out there I jumped on board. (For more about the Badgers…… It’s pretty sweet).

After driving twisty country roads, having to detour around a police barricade (heard later it was an overturned fertilizer truck), and quite a bit of gravel, I arrived all in one piece and ready to zip. It turns out that there areĀ  a LOT of the aerial obstacle courses mixed with ziplining. Apparently you can do just zipping (which I would like to check out some time) but we were in the course section.

So, we strapped on helmets and harnesses, and after a brief instruction got onto the course to practice. There is quite a bit of clipping and unclipping on the ropes and lines so it does take a little getting used to but once you’ve got the hang of it it’s really pretty simple. Then you can climb, walk across bridges and ropes, and zipline through the trees. I LOVE ziplining! It was so much fun to just sail through the air! I have to admit, the obstacle course parts were not so much my thing. They move alot, are small items (like wood slats and zipline wires) and while logically I totally know that I am harnessed, hooked, and in no danger of falling, it totally freaked me out. I found myself clinging for dear life and with my heart in my mouth.

Needless to say the group of middle school kids behind us totally zipped (pun intended) past me but I still enjoyed myself. I pushed through and made it through the first 2 courses. Then my legs kinda gave out and I decided it was best to call it a day.

I don’t have pictures because, well, I was definitely not able to handle a camera along with the lines but trust me it was really pretty in the trees. And the weather was gorgeous unlike the next several days so I was grateful for that.

Nothing like hurtling yourself out of a tree and across a forest to boost your confidence in your skills!