Balance and musings thereon

That’s a word that’s thrown around so often, isn’t it? Balance…This elusive notion that we can (and should!) have a perfect mix of work and play, of activity and rest, of home and bigger world. Our culture is obsessed with it but doesn’t really nurture much the rest part. Unless you happen to have a lot of money in which case perhaps you can go on long, exotic vacations. (I’m not saying that’s completely true; just the message we often get!)

I’ve been trying to make balance. That’s part of the whole point of said blog (poor, neglected dear that it is) is to document the challenges and the successes of that project. I’ve made some choices to enhance my level of balance (like working 4 days vs 5) but of course there’s always a trade-off (like getting paid for 4 days vs 5!) and sometimes it feels like I never have enough time and money together. Of course, that’s a common complaint, right? Does anyone ever have both?

Seems it’s awfully hard to feel like we have enough in this world, especially considering all the economic mess around us. There’s been a noted resurgence to making do, and craft, and natural approaches which I find comforting since that’s how I grew up. But there’s still that cultural push to have and buy and move yourself up which sometimes seems to drown out the voice of reason telling me that I do have enough. Sometimes the draw of new, shiny, ready-made is stronger than the slightly delayed gratification of making from scratch or making do with what I already have.

But then I do make something or fix something I already have and I remember why I love it. I’m happiest when I am creating whether writing or crafting or sewing. It reminds me to take a step back and take a deep breath. I have to remind myself that I have a say in how I spend my time. Writing it down makes it seem silly…especially since I don’t have kids or pets or anything. But seriously, how many times do we feel ‘guilt’ or ‘pressure’ to stop doing something enjoyable and be more ‘productive’?

I say stop a minute and take a deep breath! Schedule some time to do something enjoyable into your week! (Each day would be better but I know that’s hard sometimes.) Maybe if it’s on the calendar we’ll do it!


4.5 mo…

Til I turn 30. My goal for this year was/is to pull myself together and participate in life again. To do things I enjoy and become a happier, more contented person.

So far I’m doing a decent job of it! I’ve been getting out there, doing stuff, making stuff, meeting people, etc, etc.

It hit me the other day that I’m only 4.5 months away from turning 30. Now, this is exciting (weird yes, like back a million years ago when I turned 20 and was no longer a teenager) and I’m ready to move onto this next decade. But also the end of an era…and a time for reckoning with myself, I suppose.

I do have a question, though. What should I do before I turn 3-0? Those of you who have made the milestone already surely have some words of wisdom? And everyone can at least give some good ideas! I’m curious as well as sort of wanting a challenge. Admittedly travel is gonna be a challenge but day trips and/or short vacations could be possible (like 2-3 days bc I don’t really have much vacation chance for the rest of this year). So places to go? Things to do? Philosophical stands to take?

In the meantime I will be thinking of my own list so maybe I can work that into the blog, too. All suggestions are welcome. They’ll at least be food for thought even if I don’t make them all happen!