Garden Update

Trying not to be super irritated that I already wrote this blog and then it was eaten by the ether…

Anyway, I have been totally delinquent in updating this blog but I’m trying to re-dedicate myself to regular updates. Those of you who have blogs: how do you keep them up? Do you have a schedule? Or is it more relaxed just whenever you feel like updating?

Back at the farm…well, ok, Mom’s backyard…we’ve been growing! Tomatoes, kale, tomatillos, pumpkin, beans! It’s been so much fun watching all those plants sprout and grow. A few of the tomatoes were from starters but most of th plants we grew from seed (as mentioned in previous blogs) and so it’s been especially satisfying. There is just something amazing about the whole process. I know, I’m gushing but I can’t help it!

Garden! This was a little while back. It’s much bigger now.
These were the first 2 ripe tomatoes! Mmmm


And my patio/balcony has been re-vamped with plants, as well. I don’t have any veggies out there but I do have flowers and greenery. Including a banana plant which is pretty sweet. They’ve had some ups and downs but things are looking pretty decent right about now. Two battles with aphids but I think I’ve beaten them. And the one fuschia did NOT like the hot weather so it’s looking a bit sad. But the two ferns that I thought had given up completely are coming back with new, strong, green leaves!

Banana, hosta, begonia…I also put some globe string lights up around the door, hence the mood lighting.
A few of the plants on the balcony: some marigolds, creeping jenny, fuchsia

Pretty pleased with how it’s all looking! I had hoped to find some patio furniture (just a chair, pretty much) but that hasn’t happened so maybe next year…In the meantime I’m enjoying the view of my plants. Just makes it seem a bit more like home and more inviting, I think.

Has anyone else been bitten by the gardening bug this year? What are you growing?


Project Reclaim: The Beginning!

Being one who likes to make resolutions I decided at the beginning of 2012 to take back my life.

The thing is, being in school for years to learn a career and then starting a job in said field takes up a LOT of time. And once school ends it’s a little hard to make sense of what to do with one’s free time outside of work. Admittedly I struggled a bit and was a wee bit depressed for a while. However, this project is emphatically NOT about being depressed. I’ve been feeling better and trying to get more joy in my life so in fact this project is about re-discovering all the things I really enjoy and finding new loves along the way. The other thing that happened this year is I turned 29. Uh, hello! I need to do some momentous things before I turn 30, right? Or at least have some fun!

Also, the economy tanking has been inspiring many people to cut back, start making things, buying less, and being more resourceful. Growing up we never really had much money and we always did things like making our own yogurt, growing food, and creating on a nearly daily basis. My parents encouraged creativity and craft supplies were never far from reach. We had political debates around the kitchen table, listened to protest music, and in general were pretty engaged in life.

SO. The project is as follows: Be more engaged in life. Make things. Grow things (plants not like, warts). Get out and explore where I live (that would be Beaverton but Oregon in general). Go out with my friends more often. Make new friends (this may be the most challenging. Introverts don’t really excel at this. We do things like, well, blog!). Engage in community whether volunteering, work, or politics. In general have a more fun with life and be the person I want to be.

This blog is a bit of accountability…Even if no one is really reading this at least it gives me a place to record what I’m doing, and keep a record of all the awesome stuff I aim to accomplish! : D

And to celebrate the innauguration of Project Reclaim here is a photo of some celery I’m growing. In a dish. With just water! Celery I bought and cut stalks off. How awesome is that?! Nerd, I know.