Knitcation with Mabel and Moneta

Whew…It’s been a long while. I know, it’s a little shocking even to me that I’m posting!

OK, that’s out of the way. The focus of this post is the contest set up by Colette Patterns around their newest patterns Mabel and Moneta . I can honestly say I LOVE these patterns. Genuinely they are well drafted, simple, involve knit fabric which is always a plus in my book, and have lots of variation possibility. I’ve made 4 Mabels (the skirt) and 3 Monetas (the dress) so I think that says it right there.

Of course when Colette announced they were holding a contest around making a travel wardrobe of Mabels and Monetas I jumped on board! The basic premise is to make 7 days worth of outfits using at least one of each garment and combine with accessories and pictures of the destination to tell your travel story.

I’m going to come right out and say that this project was so much fun! I’ve been sewing up a storm lately and working on making my wardrobe fit my life (Colette’s Wardrobe Architect Project was totally inspiring to me!). Since it turns out that I really love wearing knit dresses and skirts these two patterns fit right into my wardrobe and my life. In fact I am wearing one right now. SO comfy. Feels like pajamas but looks like real clothes.

So, let’s get to the point! For my vacation I am going to Florida. Lauderdale-by-the-Sea specifically. We went several years to visit my grandparents back in college and it is so lovely. Slightly run down timeshare right on the beach, warm water, relaxing days. Oh man, I want to go back even though both my grandparents have since died. It was such a great place to just hang out and relax. Sooo in my fantasy land I am going back!

Here’s a couple establishing landscape pics to help set the scene.


That’s the timeshare hotel (or one nearby. They all looked about like that). RIGHT ON THE BEACH!! Oh man…


The beach. So unlike the Oregon coast where it’s so cold and the water is trying to kill you with sneaker waves and giant logs. In Florida it’s all nice and warm and delightful (I mean, yeah, there are hurricanes but the water itself is gentle!)

Ok one more. This is the view from the balcony.


See?! I wanna go back! Oops, that may be someone’s arm in the side of the picture. I hadn’t noticed that before!

OK, now here are the outfits! I really enjoyed playing dress up and was surprised at how many outfits I could make from those 4 skirts and 3 dresses! And major thanks to my mom who helped take the pictures. Well, first here’s some nice packing for the trip shots! Love me some vintage suitcases!



I mean, who doesn’t want to carry all that awesome luggage?!

Day 1: Airplane outfit! A little more coverage for those chilly airplanes/ports but the flexibility for taking off layers if needed.


Day 2 Walking around Lauderdale, a little shopping time at those tacky tourist boutiques! Comfy and breathable but still classy and doesn’t involve a bikini printed on your shirt.


Day 3 A little walking, Floral Sorbetto with a light cardigan for the air conditioned restaraunts.


Day 4 Maxi Moneta! This is one of my favorites! Long and comfy but pulled together. Good for walking along the shore (holding the ends up) or strolling to get some food. Because I eat on vacation. Alot.


Day 5 Um, duh, Swimsuit time! Perfect paired with a Mabel! Let’s go sit by the pool. And then go to the beach. And then sit in a hammock! (Ok, this is actually every day!)


Oh, and then put on a shirt and shoes to go grab some food!


Day 6 For daytime walking around and perhaps some more shopping/eating.


And night-time grabbing a mojito (or 2! It’s vacation!) at the beachside bar.



Day 7 Making the most of the last day…A nice cotton Sorbetto with a Mabel. (Hello! Look how good that makes my butt look! That is another great thing about Mabel. She’s a curve-hugger.)





So there you have it! My awesome fantasy vacation full of comfy knits!




New Year, New Resolve!

As the delinquent blogger (huh, maybe I should coin that!) I am determined to do better this year! At least once a week seems reasonable, for heaven’s sake. So here’s to that!

I have great hopes and plans for 2013. I turn 30 in 3 days so I feel that entitles me to make big plans, right? I am looking forward to finally being out of my 20s and being able to focus on the next phase of my life. One where  I can build myself in my career, focus on hobbies, save toward whatever (travel? house?), and just enjoy being.

My 20s were rather defined by change, lots of change. Some was better (school, starting a new job, meeting people). Lots of it was more in the worse vein (lots of housing loss and instability, finances, family stuff). At this point my housing is stable, I have an actual job in my chosen career (for which I am very grateful even if I whine about it sometimes), and I can work toward changes I WANT to make which is  serious blessing.

So this year’s goals?

1) Actually DO projects I plan. I am really bad at this…

2) Sew more! This also sort of falls under 1 but I feel it’s important enough to warrant its own point. I am working on my Tiramisu dress right now!

3) Organize. This is a big category, I know. But it is a huge issue for me. I love organization and systems I just don’t always use them. In particular I need to organize my papers. I’m thinking file cabinet is probably the way to go!

4) House Refresh. It’s been a little over 2 years since I moved into my own place and it’s time to just tweak things a bit and get things changed a little!

5) Plan a trip to New Zealand. This is a big one. I know it will take me time to save and plan but I really, really want to make this happen! I am really drawn to the place and it’s time for travel.

Happy 2013!

Working On…

Highlights of the last couple months:

Starting up an etsy store with my mom. Yes, that’s right. We finally took the plunge. Now we just need some sales. ; ) It was overload production for a couple weeks there and now we need to keep the momentum going to make some updates and improve our products and site overall. It’s been pretty fun to get this going! We’ve got a blog started in connection with the etsy store but it’s still a work in progress. Yesterday I roughed up a weekly schedule for us so hopefully that’ll help keep us on track a little better. If you are curious, we’re at (whaaat! I just finally figured out how to activate links. Oh dear me, I know, I know!)

Attending the Oregon Occupational Therapy Association Conference: Honestly, it was a good one this year! I won’t bore you all with details of our sessions but it was so great to connect with other OTs and gather all sorts of useful info. We also had a great keynote (Donna Beegle ) who talked about poverty and the culture thereof which was really interesting. She runs all kinds of workshops and conferences as well as just doing speaking engagements about poverty. If nothing else she makes you think about how much this issue affects the nation and how we need to do something about it!

Goals for the next month or so:

1) Complete 2 dress patterns. One is a Vintage Vogue fancy evening dress pattern that’s been in the works for a while. Aka I cut out the muslin mockup pieces, sewed like 2 of them together and didn’t finish. I have some lovely wedgewood blue crepe-back satin to use and am determined to get it sewn together!

The other is from Cake Patterns and is also pretty sweet. Tiramisu Dress from Cake Patterns- Multi-Size 30"-50" high bust, 25"-50" waist

She also blogs over at  Much more faithfully than do I! I am really excited to try this pattern out! 
I don’t have fabric for that yet but am thinking about my options. What, an excuse to buy fabric? Oh, ok!

2) Keep my banana plant alive. Seriously. I moved it inside because it got cold but it is not looking so hot. Like the leaves keep getting all dry. I’ve been watering it! Maybe it needs a bigger pot? Maybe it needs a blanket? I don’t know. Any tips? Admittedly a banana plant wasn’t my best choice living in the NW but I was so taken with it’s lovely, dramatic leaves this summer! Does anyone have experience with this dilema?

3) Actually do some of the many projects laying around. Craft things, re-covering a chair I bought, hemming some pants.

4) Going to NYC! Family trip to visit my sisters. I have never been so I am excited/slightly nervous. This is the uber-small budget variety of trip so we are trying to carefully plan. Any tips on cheap/free places we should go? (We will be there in early December. So indoor activity would be best.) This week also holds promise of a shopping trip. Because apparently my scrubs and jeans/tshirts are really not good enough for December in NYC. ; ) (Kidding; I don’t wear scrubs outside work. Sweatpants, maybe sometimes. But only in my apartment!)

I cannot even believe it is almost Thanksgiving already! This year seems to have flown by. I have to say it has actually been a pretty good one. I am awfully thankful for many things….But that’s for another post.